QDPE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Quality Daily Physical Education

The QDPE banner is displayed on the gym wall. Come take a look!

The QDPE award is awarded for outstanding achievement in quality daily education.

Physical and Health Education Canada recommends that such a program require the following standards as a minimum:

  • A minimum of 30 minutes of physical education every day of the school year
  • Well-planned lessons incorporating a wide range of activities that address the provincial curriculum learning outcomes/objectives.
  • A variety of assessment and evaluation strategies that enhance student learning
  • Emphasis on student learning, personal success, fair play, and personal health
  • Adherence to provincial student safety guidelines
  • Appropriate learning activities for the age/stage of development of each student that reflect current research and best practices.
  • Opportunities to be physically active beyond scheduled physical education time in order to realize recommended physical activity requirements for students (i.e. intramurals, extracurricular, school wide physical activity initiatives (DPA), etc.)
  • Opportunities for student leadership development
  • All students are taught by a qualified physical educator (as defined by PHE Canada)
  • Achievement of provincial curriculum learning outcomes


Please SLOW down when driving near our school.  We all have busy lives, but we must:

  • Drive within the speed limits
  • Drive proactively and defensively
  • Watch for children at all times
  • Respect our neighbors

Southeast Elementary Campus is located within a residential neighborhood, a community where families live with their children.   It is their home and our school is a part of their community.  Their children play, ride bikes, and cross streets with ease because it is their home.  Children do not always look before stepping into the street.  Their comfort means we need to be extra careful.

None of us would want to be the driver that is involved in an accident that injures a child.

We want our children to be safe in the neighborhoods we live in.  Safe when being children. Everyone has a part to play in keeping the children in our community safe.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Fortunately, often someone is looking.

Our neighbors have asked the school to remind everyone to drive safely and act respectfully when using the roads around our campus: 94th Ave SE, Allison Drive SE, and Academy Drive SE.

If you happen to be ‘caught’ rushing inappropriately, please interact respectfully with the community.

We will be asking the Calgary Police Service to patrol these streets more frequently, especially before and after school.

Thank you for helping us be good neighbors and protective of everyone’s children.

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Bus Delays

It is reasonable that busses may be delayed due to inclement weather.  We appreciate your understanding that safety is paramount even if it results in a bus delay.  In the event of a delayed bus a “bus delay notification” will only be sent out if the delay is more than 10 minutes

An important message for bussed students

Please arrive at your child's stop 5 minutes before the designated time. 

It is important that the drivers are able to identify who your child is being released to.  Please meet your child at the bus door when the bus arrives at your stop.  Do not wait in your vehicle or anywhere other than at the stop as this prevents the driver from safely releasing your child off the bus.  If you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child please let them know to stand at the bus stop so they are visible to the driver and child.  Working together will ensure your child's safety. 

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