2015-2016 Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE) Award given to all FFCA Elementary Schools

Comment from PHE Canada:

"The QDPE award is a recognition of your school's achievement of providing a quality/comprehensive Physical Education program that provides a foundation for the development of physical literacy; enabling students to live physically active and healthy lives.  Out of approximately 15 000 schools in Canada, close to 500 schools receive this award each year, truly making your school one of Canada's leaders in physical education."

Please see below the letter from PHE Canada and a congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister of Canada, The Hon. Justin Trudeau.

QDPE PHE Canada Letter

QDPE PM Congratulatory Letter

School News

Family Orientation Conference

Dear SEE families,

Today was our first day back from the summer break.

Everyone is very excited about the upcoming school year.

We are waiting for confirmation from the technology team that we can open the Edsby site for booking family orientation conferences.

The conferences are going to be held on August 29th for grades 1-4.  Kindergarten will have two days to choose from August 29 and August 30.  We would ask new kindergarten families to our school to choose the August 30th date to allow families with older siblings to book all of their orientation meetings on the same day (August 29).

Please continue to check your email for a message from Edsby informing you that you can book an interview.

New kindergarten families please remember that you will have to set up your account before booking an appointment. Watch for the email and pull out the directions we gave you in June.

I can see that many of you (250+) have been checking the website recently for information which is exactly what I asked you to do over the summer. Thank you for reading your notices so carefully.

We will have things up and running in the next day or so.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and your child.


Mrs. Budgen and the team at SEE


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